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A New Collaboration! – Fort Negen Bakery


This month of March we begin with great news. Thanks to the collaboration with the Fort Negen bakery you can order and pick up every Friday in our store three of the organic sourdough bread that Maarten and his gang bake with enthusiasm every day. If you are not familiar with Fort Negen sourdough bread, here we tell you!

"Driven by taste and texture, we emphasize our ever-changing ingredients. Everything is made, baked and sold in the same room during the day. This means you get the freshest sourdough bread made from local grains possible" says Maarten, owner and baker of Fort Negen. Since 2018, he has been making juicy sourdough breads with a dark crust in Amsterdam, first at Restaurant De Kas and today, from his own bakery.

The origin of the ingredients plays a big role. "We work together with farmers and believe in an open and short food chain. Our farmers produce the tastiest and healthiest crops by analyzing and nurturing the soil and ecosystem around the farm" Maarten affirms. Regarding the process, it is elementary and intuitive, letting go of standardization to submit to nature and its ever-changing elements. "We have learned to develop and trust our senses as our environment and ingredients are different every day. By working with our hands and great ingredients, we facilitate fermentation and flavor development" he concludes.

If you want to see by yourself about the quality and flavour of Fort Negen organic sourdough bread, make sure to order your loaf during the week. Orders placed before 23 hrs on Tuesday will be ready to be picked up  by you on Friday during our opening hours. You can order here or in person at our shop.
Note that shipping is not possible at the moment. But who knows if we implement deliveries in Amsterdam in the future, depending on how much enthusiasm there is!

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