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A new edition of an old acquaintance – JARA Sauces

An old friend is back, now under a new brand name: JARA. This is Andrés, a Colombian chef and farmer with years of experience adding flavour to meals.

With his new brand JARA, Andrés brings us three of his iconic and delicious sauces: Tomatillo Salsa, Salsa al Funghi y Salsa Picante.

He explains how his business was took off. "JARA was started during the first Corona lock-down in spring 2020, when many small sustainable farms in the Netherlands had an unsold vegetables surplus due to the closing of the Horeca. Using vegetables from our urban farm in Amsterdam West and buying this surplus we created delicious, healthy and plant rich products. When restaurants reopened, the immediate problem disappeared. We continued production by purchasing ingredients from our farming community in the Netherlands at fair prices, while turning the organic waste from our production process into compost that goes back into the soil, creating a circular food chain"

After a while, Andrés turned into a farmer with the goal to revolutionise the way food is produced and consumed - to make sure that everyone from the farmers, to the sellers and the consumers make a conscious and responsible choice benefiting everyone in the process including and especially our planet. In addition, by purchasing his products you support local farmers that grow their crops using regenerative agriculture techniques. This way everybody, including children, can enjoy tasteful food that supports both the planet and a healthy lifestyle! His products are 100% natural without any artificial additives or flavour enhancers, directly from Dutch farms to your kitchen table.

JARA only works with local, sustainable partners within The Netherlands that share the same values. Together they work to improve the current food system and offer you better food choices.

Have you tried these delicious and sustainable sauces yet? If you haven't, you can find them in the pasta corner at our store, together with a booklet with recipes. Do you live very far? No worries! You can always order online.

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