About Us

We are Carolina and Pomi, a couple of enthusiastic foodies who met in 2014 in Switzerland. After 3 years living there we decided to leave and explore the world in a 10 months backpacking journey. When the time of settling down came, we though of Amsterdam. Attracted by the lifestyle and vibe of the city, we found it the best place where to start a new life.

Pomi had already a vast experience as a chef in world-class restaurants in different countries and Carolina had a background in business management. However, we had something very important in common: both wanted to live in a more sustainable way and, hopefully, inspire the rest to do the same.

Photograph by Maria Falkena

Our journey started in 2016 when we became vegan. After travelling for almost one year around the world and seeing the pollution and plastic contamination everywhere, we came to Amsterdam with the dream of developing a business together that fights the issues we observed during our travel. That is how Little Plant Pantry became part of our life.


About the Shop

Photograph by Jaimee Lowe @jme.low

Little Plant Pantry was founded in 2019 by Winter and Maria, a couple who dreamt of making a contribution in the society by offering products that cover basic food needs in a more sustainable way: plastic free! Later they started preparing and selling plant-based homemade food in the small kitchen available in the shop.

The combination of bulk shop and vegan food attracted the attention of many who felt inspired by this little project. Soon the word got out and Little Plant Pantry became a reference in terms of sustainability and plant-based lifestyle. After few years of this journey, Winter and Maria decided to step out of business but not without first make sure that Little Plant Pantry stayed in good hands: that is when Carolina and Pomi came and took over completely.

Since then, they have been working hard to continue the legacy of the former owners and developing the shop into a place where you can find everything to start a more sustainable and minimal-waste life, but also a place where you can meet and connect with people with your same mindful, no mention the experience of eating a healthy, homemade and delicious food prepared by a very experienced chef. Difficult to believe? Come by and live the experience at Little Plant Pantry, a place that probably you will not forget.


About the Community

One of the reasons why Winter and Maria left the countryside was that it felt like they couldn’t change anything. They needed to engage with more people to try to find better solutions together. And this wish was certainly fulfilled.

Since opening Little Plant Pantry, so many wonderful people involved with sustainability either by profession or passion have crossed our doorway. They have helped to realize projects that we could not have done on our own.


Wonderful volunteers working in the garden

For example, in May 2019 Winter and Maria asked on social media to help building a herb garden at the back of the store and so many volunteers came! They had herbalists, an architect, graphic designers, a carpenter, students and many others who wanted to support a sustainable local business, share their skills, learn something new and meet new people.

But we are not the only ones trying to find more conscientious ways of living. Many are aware of the environmental concerns of our time and want to live their lives responsibly. And this is a great sign – not just for our shop. It shows that maybe there is hope and maybe we won’t exhaust the planet’s resources completely.