“The Little Plant Pantry is also a wholesale business. All our products in our Bio Shop are also available in bulk.

For wholesale price quotations, please copy-paste the product link(s) in the comment section down below, and we will reply to you with our offer.

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Our Little Plant Pantry

Little Plant Pantry is the first plant-based minimal waste bulk store in Amsterdam. Come to our speciality food store to experience a true focus on sustainability. You’ll notice that our plant-based health store only provides healthy, natural, and organic products with no artificial ingredients.

All of our products are also packaging-free. Together with our community, we hope to minimise waste by avoiding plastics at all times. In order to do so, we sell our organic products in bulk. Our team is conducting research on how to consume ethically, and have found compostable alternatives to traditional packaging. Our current and future mission is to eliminate single-use packaging. As such, we are promoting the return and refill model, where you can bring your own jars and containers.

We are also happy to say we are a vegan shop: no animal products and by-products. Because of this, we are also cruelty-free and none of our products has ever been, or will ever be, tested on animals.

At Little Plant Pantry, we apply the same moral rigour to the careful selection of our suppliers by focusing on the quality of their products and ingredients. We look at their business ethics and the environmental footprint of their supply chain. We always strive to source fair-trade and certified organic products as much as possible.  This careful selection is rewarding. We are proud to give an outlet to the best small local artisan producers, who share our passion and values.

Whether you’re a home cook following a recipe or looking for ready-made snacks to pick up from our Amsterdam store, we hope you’ll join us on our journey. At Little Plant Pantry, we want to work together to ensure that your delicious meal is healthy and sustainable, for both you and the planet.