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Check Our Virtual Stamps!

As many of you already know, we have a stamp system in the store: every time you buy over €30, you earn a stamp and when you complete the card you can redeem for one of our delicious main dishes from our kitchen. However, it is easy to forget the card at home or lose it; furthermore, when it is complete, there is no choice but to throw it in the trash.

Now, none of that will be a problem! Thanks to the Magic Stamp application, you can always have your stamp card with you. How does it work? Very easy: download the application, sign up with your mobile number or email, search for Little Plant Pantry in the list, download the card and that's it! We will stamp your virtual card in the store with a special little 'machine'. Get a cookie with your first digital stamp and a main dish with your last one.
We leave you an illustrative video so you can see how simple and fun it is.

Lastly, we are working so that you can also earn stamps for your online purchases. This way everyone has the opportunity to participate!

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