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New Collaboration – Eat Yammy!

eat yammy
eat yammy
eat yammy

We are very glad and excited about this new collaboration, since it involves parents and children!. Would you like to be able to cook easy and healthy recipes making your kids participants of this experience? Ekta, Founder and Creator tells us about her initiative:

"Yammy is a Food education company that was founded recently and strives to create a positive impact on kids health and enable them to live a mindful life starting early one through nutritious and tasty food, fun parties, play and insightful education"

"My name is Ekta, the founder of Yammy and I am supported by my awesome team who are equally passionate about this very critical mission."

By collaborating with the ingredients contained in each Yammy box, we are supporting an excellent initiative that, in addition to help improving the health and well-being of children, put parents and kids together around cooking and preparing healthy and delicious snacks.

Learn more on and join their newsletter to stay updated. Their Instagram account Yammy is now live with details on products and services to enchant your kids.

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