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New Collaboration – Hot Head Salsa!

hot head salsa

Greetings, salsa enthusiasts! Get ready for a flavour explosion that will ignite your taste buds and takes your culinary adventures to the next level. Introducing the last sizzling sensation – Hot Head Salsa!

Hot Head Salsa is a series of handcrafted, fermented hot sauces with a focus on small batches and freshly curated products. Kevin, founder of the company, tell how his journey started: "I actually did not grow up with spicy food; instead my parents would typically cook traditional French and Italian cuisine. I would watch them cook and always had a curiosity for experimentation and flavours. Over the years, I started exploring different world cuisines and grew a passion for spicy food"

After growing his own habanero pepper plants and transforming them in a hot sauce, he realised he had something on his hands. "I wanted to find out how I could improve this recipe and further enhance flavours; this is when I discovered the art of fermentation. As a chemist, I was intrigued by the science that goes behind the process. By breaking down large molecules into smaller building blocks, a whole new set of flavours are released for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The idea of Hot Head Salsa was born!"

All peppers are fresh, organic and sourced from a local Dutch pepper farm. Kevin has developed four different sauces, each of one has carefully selected ingredients and undergoes a 4-6 weeks lacto-fermentation to create intense flavour bombs!

Find the complete range of Hot Head Salsa online or at our store in Oud West Amsterdam.

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