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New Collaboration! – The Nourishing Garden

When you think you have tasted everything in terms of vegan cheeses you discover The Nourishing Garden and say to yourself: “Where have they been all this time?”

The founder and creator of this lovely artisan cheese factory is Mariluz, a passionate chef who is also interested in meditation, spirituality and leading a healthier lifestyle. 

When approaching the raw vegan world, she noticed that there were a lot of sweet bites but very few savory options. There was a need to fill! After experimenting with different ingredients and fermentation methods, Mariluz hit the spot! Thanks to his creativity, dedication and perseverance, today you can enjoy a wide range of vegan cheeses made entirely by hand and available in our store.

From mozzarella cheese balls, through the exquisite chèvre and the impressive pizza cheese (it really melts!) to her latest creation: feta cheese!

But The Nourishing Garden lives not only on cheeses: we also have available her water kefir in two flavours: hibiscus and natural.

Come to our store and ask for a taste! In the meantime, find out more about The Nourishing Garden and Mariluz in this interesting interview done by Flavors From The Earth:

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