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New Collaboration – Wheat.Pray.Love

Have you heard of Wheat.Pray.Love? If not, you've missed a lot! Sherilyn and Joey are the co-founders of this start-up that is dedicated to producing the most delicious and homemade seitan you will find in town.

Their paths crossed in 2016 and since then they embarked on a plant-based journey together. On the way discovered "this epic thing called seitan".  They started making their own version. After 3 years of perfecting their crafting skills, they are finally happy with the result and want to share. And so was born, Wheat. Pray. Love!

"Our mission is to simplify plant-based cooking and to hopefully inspire others to eat more plants. The ultimate goal is to create a better world collectively, for all animals, human and non-human alike", they say.


But what is seitan really? Seitan is a meat substitute made from gluten, the protein found in wheat. The process of making seitan involves washing wheat flour dough with water to remove the starch, leaving behind the elastic gluten.  The result is a dense and hearty texture that is seasoned and cooked, creating a chewy and protein-rich meat alternative.

Due to its high protein content, seitan is often considered a valuable source of plant-based protein for those following vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. And thanks to this collaboration, from this month you can find the seitan from Wheat.Pray.Love available at our store. As always, you can bring your own container, as we give it without plastic packaging. Not possible to make it to our shop? Now you can buy it online and receive it in a sustainable packaging.


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