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A New Product! – Natural Sassy Cider from Normandy

Summer is on the way and we can enjoy longer and sunnier days, which makes us look out on the terraces to enjoy delicious drinks. At Little Plant Pantry we are not left behind and to get in tune we bring you this exclusive and refreshing drinks from Normandy: pear and apple ciders from SASSY, to enjoy in individual size.

What's so special about SASSY Ciders?

SASSY, it's a story of two childhood friends with the same passion - Cider. Xavier and Pierre-Emmanuel learned to appreciate the true taste of cider, having grown up with cider as an integral part of Norman life. SASSY was born out of this childhood passion and desire to put Normandy back on the map.


The two friends looked at current trends from drinks brands across the globe to guarantee their ciders would work for the modern palate. More freshness, lightness and finesse, to obtain a refined and balanced range that will have people gagging for another!

Their creations are made from 100% fruit juice which means NOTHING is added. Their artisanal press takes the very best from the carefully selected fruits and ensures only the highest quality to delight your taste buds. The balance of apple varieties offers freshness with a contrast of bittersweet and fruity aromas. This allows to pair with food, reinvigorate a cocktail or simply sip away at the end of the day.

Visit our shop and a grab a couple of bottles to refresh your afternoons in the park, terrace or wherever you want! And remember, you can always get them on our online store

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