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Pump Up!

cleaning products

It is news to none of us that we are facing the worst climate crisis in history. The pollution of the air, sea and land as a result of an overproduction of goods, often unnecessary, is reaching its maximum limit. Can we do something about it? The future does not look bright, but small changes in our habits can inspire and encourage others (and the new generations).

Products that we always find in plastic packaging no matter what, are the household cleaning products. Probably at this time you have one or more plastic bottles with dishwashing liquid, shampoo or liquid soap at home. Even if many manufacturers of those containers ensure that they are recyclable a new OECD report informs that just 9% of plastic waste is recycled while 22% is mismanaged.

What can we do then? An easy and handy solution is to reuse those containers you already have instead of putting them into the rubbish. At Little Plant Pantry we opened a few months ago  'The Household Cleaning station' where you can pump and refill your used bottles. The cleaning station counts so far with laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, hand soap, WC cleaner and floor cleaner. All these products are eco friendly, based on vegetable and biodegradable ingredients, vegan and not tested on animals. Come by and pump up!

Do you live too far or it is not possible for you to come to our Store? No problem! We deliver the product in a recycled glass jar or bottle that customers kindly have donated to us (but this will be a topic for other Newsletter!)


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