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Recipe of May: (Gluten free) almond chocolate bar

Many of our customers have surrendered to the taste and, above all, texture of our almond chocolate bars. That's why May brings this delicious and completely vegan recipe which can be done in no time obtaining up to 20 bars. How easy can be? Check by yourself! You just need the following ingredients:

For the chocolate coating:

We have available at the store are gluten free, but you can make the regular version as well.

Start by grinding the flax seed in case you don't have the powder version. Place the grind flax seed along with the maple syrup, almond pulp and peanut butter. Continue by adding in the same bowl the rest of the ingredients: chocolate chips, (gluten free) fine oats, cinnamon, salt and mix for a while using a mixer or just with your hands if you want to have more fun!

After all the ingredients are well mixed,  put a baking paper in a tray that has some edge to contain the mixture (the edge of our tray is 2 cms. high), spreading the dough totally, reaching every corner of the tray. Put to bake for 30 to 40 minutes at 160 degrees and let it cool at room temperature. Next, put the tray in the fridge and leave it until next day, to make sure the dough is hard enough as the next step is to take the baked dough out of the tray and proceed to cut it in bars.

To prepare the coating you just need to melt the chocolate chips with the coconut oil in a pot. Stir well until the chips are totally melted and introduce the bars one by one until they are totally covered. Garnish on top with the ingredient you want. We suggest: hazelnuts (like at the store), peanuts, coconut flakes, etc. After that, place the bar in the fridge as long as it needs to solidify.

Final step: enjoy!

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