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Recipe of the month: Chia-Açai Pudding

Looking for a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack that's quick to prepare? Try this Chia-Açai Pudding! It's easy to make, requires just a few ingredients, and can be prepared in advance. Perfect for busy mornings or as a tasty treat anytime.


chia açai


  1. Blend the dates and milk:
    • Add the pitted Medjool dates and almond milk to a high-speed blender.
    • Blend until the mixture is smooth.
  2. Combine remaining ingredients:
    • Add the chia seeds, banana, açaí puree, and maple syrup (if using) to the blender.
    • Blend again until the mixture is smooth and thick.
  3. Refrigerate or serve:
    • Pour the mixture into four jars or glasses.
    • Refrigerate for later use or enjoy immediately.
  4. Add toppings:
    • Top with your favorite toppings. Granola and fresh fruit or berries are great options!


  • For additional sweetness without using maple syrup, add more dates.
  • Feel free to substitute the banana with other fruits like blueberries or strawberries.

Enjoy this nutritious and delightful Chia-Açai Pudding, whether you're at home or on the go!

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