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Recipe of the month: Vegan Matcha Cookies

October brings us a recipe requested by several of our customers: Vegan matcha cookies! These cookies, in addition to being vegan, are gluten free. With this recipe you can get around 20 cookies of 10 cm diameter.


organic matcha culinary
matcha cookies
*In the store, we try to reuse as much as possible. In this case, we use the fresh pulp that remains from the homemade almond milk that we make and sell. But it doesn't matter if you don't have the pulp, you can replace it with almond flour for example.


Start by measuring all dry ingredients into a stand mixer bowl and mix them to combine. Add the almond pulp or almond flour, coconut oil and almond milk, mixing well. Let the dough rest for 20 minutes in the fridge until it gets firm enough to handle.

Make about 70 gram balls and press with your hand against the table to shape the cookies. You can bake some fresh dough and freeze the rest for later.

Finally, garnish the cookies with some almonds. Bake at 160° for 16-18 minutes, let it cool on a rack and enjoy!

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