Activated Charcoal soap with coconut milk

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A black soap? Who dares?  You might not expect it, but this is one of the most cleansing soaps in the range! The black color is obtained by adding activated carbon powder. This super fine powder has a very cleaning effect due to the gigantic surface area and an attraction to other particles. Activated carbon powder is widely used in medicine and water purification to extract toxins and other unwanted substances. Rosemary essential oil gives this soap a spicy scent, anchored with woody cypress and complemented by the sweet clary sage. But this soap isn’t just rough husk. The coconut milk provides a creamy, moisturizing and nourishing foam that is wonderfully soft on the skin.

Production Process
The soap is made according to traditional methods and contains ingredients from residual flows. It is produced with fair trade products and materials, without the use of palm oil and packaged free of plastic.

Keep dry.

Saponified olive oil°, saponified coconut oil, glycerine, saponified mango butter, coconut milk*, water°, saponified coffee oil°, saponified avocado oil°, saponified castor oil, cypress, rosemary, and clary sage essential oils, activated charcoal powder, limonene, linalol.

Vegan. ° Circular ingredients . * Certified Organic Ingredients.

No known allergens present

Country of Origin
The Netherlands


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