Cheese Vegan Organic | Creamy Cashew Wheels | Herbes de Provence (Rosie & Riffy)

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What Rosie & Riffy say:

“Our Creamy Cashew Wheels are just that, creamy, fresh and spreadable. This one is topped with a classic Herbes de Provence mix with rosemary, winter savory, oregano, thyme and basil.

Driven by a deep commitment to the planet and the health and well-being of all, Rosie & Riffy produce and continually develop high quality organic plant-based cheeses, with cashew nuts currently being the primary ingredient. We use traditional cheese-making techniques but replace all animal-based ingredients with plants. Instead of milking cows, we milk our cashew nuts. Fermentation, drying, ripening and ageing are all part of our processes. Silky and smooth, our plant-based cheeses are so full of flavour that we are able to keep the ingredients simple, honest, and healthy.

Enjoy guilt free.”

How to use
Presented on its own, in a salad or used on crusty bread or crackers, Rosie & Riffy's 100% dairy-free nut-based creations provide that one rich component you’ve missed until now. You’ll experience a soft texture that unifies other flavors and adds a twist to whatever dish you’re serving.

Production Process
Made from organic cashew nuts sourced from a fair trade driven company, the highest quality of herbs and spices and packaged in a 100% recyclable container.

Keep chilled.

Shelf Life
Ask in-store.

Cashew nuts* (56,4%), water, sea salt, Herbes de Provence* (rosemary*, winter savory*, oregano*, thyme*, basil*) (0,06%), vegan starter cultures. *organic origin


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