Handmade Soaps Primal Essence

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The handmade soaps are suitable for face & body.  All the soaps are plant-based. They are made by local producer Primal Essence using sustainable harvested ingredients in small batches. Discover the different fragrances and properties we have selected for you.

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All the handmade soaps from Primal Essence are produced in small batches, biodegradable and not tested on animals.​ They are palm oil, SLS, artificial colours and preservatives free. The cold process method is used in their making, which means no external heat is used. Thanks to this, the goodness and properties of the natural ingredients are preserved.

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💥 Disclaimer: The soap bars are made by hand in small batches using natural ingredients so there may be slight differences in size, design and colour compared to the pictures shown.

How to Use
Suitable for face and body

Production Process
Cold process soap. Weight: 49-60 grams or 99-120 grams.

Keep dry.

Primal Essence

Country of Origin
The Netherlands

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Spinach & Tea Tree 50g, Spinach & Tea Tree 100g, Peppermint Leaf 50g, Peppermint Leaf 100g, Calendula & Oats 50g, Calendula & Oats 100g, Cocoa Brownies 50g, Cocoa Brownies 100g, Activated Charcoal 50g, Activated Charcoal 100g, Golden Eye 100g, Ginger & Lemongrass 50g, Ginger & Lemongrass 100g, Rose & Geranium 50g, Rose & Geranium 100g, Wooden Scents 50g, Wooden Scents 100g, Lavender 50g, Lavender 100g


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