Organic Feta Vegan Cheese

Discover the perfect blend of organic goodness, craftsmanship, and taste in this Organic Feta Vegan Cheese, a dairy-free alternative for everyone! From The Nourishing Garden 

♻️ This product comes in a sustainable packaging

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This Organic Feta Vegan Cheese is a plant-based marvel that combines the classic taste of feta with the purity of organic ingredients.  Red lentils are used as the base ingredient. However, it comes immersed in sunflower oil and spices, enhancing a mix of flavours that will not leave anyone indifferent!

Unlock the culinary versatility of Organic Feta Vegan Cheese in your kitchen. From salads to wraps and beyond, explore creative ways to integrate this dairy-free delight into your favourite recipes!

This Vegan Cheese is a handcrafted product. It comes in a sustainable packaging, ensuring that every bite contributes to a greener planet.

Size: 180 g. Shelf life 6 months.

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How Vegan Cheeses are made?

Vegan cheeses are made using a variety of plant-based ingredients to replicate the flavours, textures, and melting properties of traditional dairy cheese. Nut milks, starches and proteins are used as base ingredient. Some vegan cheeses undergo a fermentation process to develop complex flavours. This is often achieved by adding probiotics or bacterial cultures, similar to the culturing process in traditional dairy cheese. Emulsifiers like agar-agar, carrageenan, or soy lecithin can be used to create a stable and creamy texture, while nutritional yeast, garlic and onion powder are added to mimic the savoury and umami flavours found in dairy cheese.

Keep chilled.

Shelf Life
Ask in-store.

Red lentils, nutritional yeast, sea salt, lactic acid, olive oil, cultures (quinoa rejuvelac), water, sunflower oil, oregano, peppercorns.

Possible cross-contamination with nuts

The Nourishing Garden

Country of Origin
The Netherlands


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