Organic Ricotta & Pesto Vegan Cheese

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Discover a world of flavour with our Organic Ricotta & Pesto Vegan Cheese. Handcrafted and local product, made of cashews as the base ingredient. From The Nourishing Garden 

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Indulge in the exquisite taste of our Organic Ricotta & Pesto Vegan Cheese, a delectable plant-based alternative that redefines dairy-free delight. Crafted with care from premium organic ingredients, this vegan cheese delivers a rich and creamy texture that rivals traditional ricotta. It is perfect for those with dietary restrictions or those seeking a cruelty-free alternative, as our vegan cheese is free from dairy, lactose, and animal products.

From gourmet sandwiches and pasta dishes to delightful appetizers and desserts, this organic ricotta & pesto vegan cheese adds a gourmet touch to your plant-based kitchen creations. It comes in a sustainable packaging, ensuring that every bite contributes to a greener planet.

Size: 200 g. Shelf life 2 weeks. Freezable.

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How Vegan Cheeses are made?

Vegan cheeses are made using a variety of plant-based ingredients to replicate the flavours, textures, and melting properties of traditional dairy cheese. Nut milks, starches and proteins are used as base ingredient. Some vegan cheeses undergo a fermentation process to develop complex flavours. This is often achieved by adding probiotics or bacterial cultures, similar to the culturing process in traditional dairy cheese. Emulsifiers like agar-agar, carrageenan, or soy lecithin can be used to create a stable and creamy texture, while nutritional yeast, garlic and onion powder are added to mimic the savoury and umami flavours found in dairy cheese.

Keep chilled.

Shelf Life
Ask in-store.

Cashew nuts, nutritional yeast, himalayan salt, water and cultures
Pesto filling: basil, pinenuts, nutritional yeast, salt, garlic powder, Himalayan salt, olive oil, lemon juice.


The Nourishing Garden

Country of Origin
The Netherlands



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