Organic Water Kefir

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Crafted with care and bursting with live cultures, this fizzy, fermented organic water kefir is a refreshing choice for those seeking a natural and delicious probiotic option. Available in two different flavours.

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Discover the refreshing taste of the Organic Water Kefir – pure, probiotic goodness! This local produced water kefir is crafted with care, using high-quality, organic ingredients to bring you a naturally effervescent and health-boosting beverage. Packed with live cultures, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria, our organic water kefir is a delightful way to support gut health. Explore its the crisp and revitalising flavour, a perfect choice for those seeking a delicious and organic probiotic option.

Size: 330 ml.

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Keep chilled.

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No known allergens present

The Nourishing Garden

Country of Origin
The Netherlands

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Classic, Hibiscus Ginger


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