Decaf Coffee Beans Organic

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Our Decaf Coffee Beans Organic is a coffee with very balanced profile and an excellent body.

The beans come from a lot which is protected by a very large (and sacred) lupuna tree. It’s located in the Oxapampa-Ashankinka-Yanesha biosphere reserve in Peru, where the coffee farmers of the Yanesha indigenous communities produce our excellent coffee according to the permaculture principles.

Some facts about our decaf coffee beans:

  • Aroma: caramel
  • Acidity: sweet, fruity
  • Body: delicate
  • Flavour: caramel. raw brown sugar, vanilla, molasses

How is our Decaf Coffee Beans Organic produced?

The coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss water method, which removes caffeine by gently soaking green beans in a water solution for just over 8 hour. The solution absorbs caffeine from the beans, and is then repeatedly carbon filtered until 99.9% of the caffeine is removed. The beans are then dried, and roast, reaching a level of perfection for full flavour!

We count with a range organic teas and coffees. See more on our section Coffee, Tea & Drinks

Store in a cool, dry place, and keep out of direct sunlight.

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100% organic coffee beans

No known allergens present

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