Freeze-Dried Raspberry Organic

These fancy freeze-dried raspberries are the new trend. And this version is organic! These amazing, crispy, light raspberries are the perfect snack or decoration on your cake.

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The freeze-dried raspberries exist of raspberries and nothing else! Freeze drying keeps the taste and color perfectly conserved. The raspberries can be consumed as a snack or as addition to yogurt, muesli or pastries. Almost all the water is removed from the raspberries during freeze-drying, what makes the fruit way longer tenable while not losing the taste, color and nutritional value. They are not only organic but have a low emission as well, as they came from neighbouring German lands, where they have been grown and produced as well.

The freeze-dried are rich of vitamine C and fibers, just like fresh raspberries. We love the freeze-dried raspberries, and use them also in a couple of our favorite recipes. Try the freeze-dried forest fruit mix for more variation for instance, or have a fruity breakfast with our strawberry-raspberry muesli.

These fancy freeze-dried raspberries will bring you the perfect raspberry taste and smell, but in a super dry version.

How to Use
Serve on its own, with other dried fruits, as a topping on your porridge- or cereal bowl, or as a decoration on cakes and sweets.

Store in a cool, dark place, and keep out of direct sunlight.

Shelf Life
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100% organic freeze-dried raspberries

Possible cross contamination with nuts, peanuts, sesame, wheat and gluten.

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