Craft Beer – Stout (Asperius)

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Delicious craft Stout, home-brewed by Asperius,  Amsterdam.

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Asperius stout craft beer is brewed in a microbrewery in Bilderdijkstraat 188 in Amsterdam with its own tasting room. Their mission is to brew local craft beers with a unique taste. Their beer range offers a good variety of taste and flavourful drinks.

How to use.
Reward yourself with a cool beer after a long day at work, or enjoy the refreshing taste of a hoppy local brew on a hot summer day.
Production Process.
Brewed by Asperius.
Keep chilled.
Shelf Life
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See bottle.
Country of Origin
Nutritional information
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    • Energy
    • Calories
    • Fat
      • Fat of which saturated
    • Carbohydrates 
      • From Which Sugars
    • Fibre
    • Protein
    • Salt

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