Sauerkraut Classic (SauerCrowd)

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The good old classic Kraut with a crunchy fruity touch-up. Made in the most traditional way with bay leaves and apples.

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The good old classic Kraut with fruity notes. Made in the most traditional way with bay leaves and apples, this sauerkraut is crunchy and refreshing. All of the varieties are not as sour as the typical sauerkraut in the supermarket but have a distinctive funky fermented taste. Rich in lactobacilli, every jar contains Vitamins C & K and is full of micro bacteria to support your gut and immune system.

Made by SauerCrowd, an Amsterdam-based ferment company with a mission to source seasonal ingredients from local organic farmers, not only to create new flavours, but also to build a circular food business.

How to Use
Perfect for any kind of burger, nachos, wraps or as a side to hearty dishes. Of course, you can also eat sauerkraut raw right out of the jar or use it as a topping. "Sauerkraut is the new pickle" - indeed!

Production Process
*Lab tested <1mio CFU´s per serving size (2tbsp)

Keep chilled.

Shelf Life
Ask in-store.

White cabbage, apples, bay leaves, sea salt (certified organic ingredients).

No known allergens present

Country of Origin
The Netherlands

Nutritional Information

    • Energy
    • Calories
    • Fat
      • Of which Saturated
    • Carbohydrates
      • Of which Sugars
    • Fibre
    • Protein
    • Salt

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