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One of the main characteristic of the Himalayan salt is its mild taste which makes it extremely suitable as a culinary salt for various table dishes. It contains unrefined fine crystal salt which means it has all the good properties that salt possesses. Most of the salts on the market have been processed, washing out the best nutrients as a consequence. This pink salt is an exception as it preserves the minerals and trace elements.

In the beginning of times, The Himalayas were not a mountain range, but part of the sea. Where the modern sea is highly polluted, Himalayan salt is still pure. This means that the salt has all the original properties. Refined salts contribute little to nothing to the negative effect on our health. Himalayan salt is the natural alternative as it doesn’t contain chemical additives and/or fluxes.

Additionally to the use in kitchen, this type of salt is a good ingredient in steam baths, salt baths or sauna. Ever heard of salt pipes? This salt is also particularly suitable for this. Pure and natural salt has a cleansing effect on the airways and, among other things, ensure that you can breathe more freely. Inhaling is a kind of meditative practice.

Origin of Himalayan salt

This crystal salt comes from the salt chain in Pakistan. The salt chain belongs geologically, but not geographically, to the Himalayan massif. Himalayan crystal salt is a natural table salt formed more than 250 million years ago during the disappearance of the original ocean. The harvest occurs by hand on the Tibetan plateaus. In the past, people called it “the salt of the king”, due to its very high quality and because it was sold to the local nobility. The pink colour comes from the minerals that the salt has absorbed such as sodium chloride, magnesium and calcium.

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