Organic Chili Pepper Granulate

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Organic Chili pepper granule is carefully produced from selected chili peppers that originate in South and Central America. The substance capsaicin determines the hotness of the peppers; the more capsaicin, the sharper the granules. The pungency of our chili pepper granules is expressed in SHU (Scoville Heat Units) , with a value of 25,000, which indicates an average pungency product.

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How to Use

You can sprinkle the organic chili pepper granulate everywhere, on top of salads, pasta, etc. They can also be stirred into sauces and oils. Their vivid red color is pleasing to the eye. The spicy character of peppers comes into its own more when heated, but the finer flavours can be lost. That is why we advise to add the chili pepper granulate only at the end of the cooking process, in order to maintain the optimal flavour balance.

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100% organic chili pepper


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