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Organic coarse sea salt offers you a different tasting experience and might change the flavour of your dish due to its slower rate of dissolution and mineral content. Many studies have shown that salt is a great source of minerals and that it balances electrolytes and improves digestion. Salt is also by far the most significant dietary source of sodium. The minerals in the salt act as essential electrolytes in the body, helping with fluid balance, nerve transmission and muscle function.

How to Use
Salt, in moderation, is a great way to bring out the flavours of a dish, whether it be sweet or savoury. Add salt to soups, breads, baked goods or simply sprinkle small amounts of salt over your recipe. Coarse salt is great for visual seasoning. It is easy to see the amount used when seasoning cooked vegetables, for example. Coarse sea salt is also perfect to top your chocolate chip cookies for that extra rich "savoury meets sweet" taste.

Production Process
The salt is dried and transported to a factory to be cleaned. The salt is sieved and pre-washed four times to remove small impurities. The salt is transported to a centrifuge till approx. 3% water remains. The wet salt is dried in a dryer with hot air of 190-200ºC. It is then cooled, sifted, and stored in a silo before being packed. Finally, a metal detector is passed over the bags.

Keep dry.

Shelf Life
Indefinite if stored correctly. For reference purposes we use a shelf life of 6 years after reception in our supplier’s warehouse.


No known allergens present

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