Flax Seeds Brown Organic

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Flax seeds are an excellent gluten-free addition to baked muffins, cookies and pastries, or even salad bowls and bread mixes. Swirl flax seeds into smoothies, add to a granola dish or use as a substitute for oils and eggs in recipes. You can also make vegan burgers with flax seeds as they will give the filling a meaty flavour.

Just one tablespoon of organic brown flax seeds provides a good amount of protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to being nutrient-dense, they are a rich in vitamins and minerals.

Flax seeds are high in the amino acids arginine and glutamine which are important for heart and immune system health. They are a good plant-based source for omega-3 fatty acids and are also rich in minerals such as thiamine, copper, magnesium and phosphorous. Thiamine is a B vitamin that is vital for maintaining normal metabolism and nerve function. Copper is important for growth and development. Magnesium serves a similar function and is present in many types of grains, seeds and nuts. Finally, phosphorous contributes to good bone and tissue health and is usually found in protein-dense foods.

How to Use
It is best to grind or ‘crack’ flax seeds before using, or chew them very well. Otherwise, they can pass through the body undigested without unfolding their powerful properties.

Production Process
Flax seeds mature until the seed capsules become yellow and start to split. The seeds are then harvested in various ways. A combine harvester may cut only the heads of the plants, or the entire plant. The plants are then dried to extract the seed.

Store in a cool, dry place, and keep out of direct sunlight.

Shelf Life
Ask in-store. See the bag.

Whole brown flax seeds

No known allergens present

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Nutritional Information

    • Energy 2218 Kj
    • Calories 538 Kcal
    • Fat 42.5 g
      • Of which Saturated 5.1 g
    • Carbohydrates 2 g
    • Fibre 32 g
    • Protein 20.9 g
    • Salt 0.07 g

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