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It is finally here: Peanut Butter from Pindakaaswinkel in our shop! Choose among 6 different flavours, all natural and vegan.


Do you know the benefits that peanut butter can give to you?

With just 2 tablespoons you would be consuming approximately 7g of protein. Protein is one of the main factors in the recovery and growth of muscle mass.

In addition to protein, we can find a good amount of fiber, which produces a feeling of being satisfied for a longer time. We are used to seeing peanut butter as part of a snack, so it would be hard to believe that it actually helps with weight loss. But as it was mentioned before,  its high sources of protein and fiber help us feel full for a longer time, so we would be consuming smaller amounts of food per day.

Peanut butter contains more unsaturated than saturated fats, which means it has healthy fats. A healthy body needs good fats like the ones you find in avocado and olive oil.

A serving of peanut butter will give you 3 mg of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. You also get 49 grams of magnesium, which supports bone and muscle recovery. But there is more, it also offers you small amounts of zinc and vitamin B6, which will help your immune system.

Keep dry.

Shelf Life
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Base of peanuts and coconut oil. Additional ingredients depends on the variety you choose



Country of Origin
The Netherlands

Nutritional Information
per 100 g

    • Energy 2677 kj
    • Calories 647 kcal
    • Fat 54.4 g
      • Of which Saturated 11.4 g
    • Carbohydrates 9.7 g
      • Of which Sugars 5.8 g
    • Fibre 6.8 g
    • Protein 26.1 g
    • Salt 0.1 g

Additional information

Peanut butter

Natural, Natural with peanut pieces, Chili Pepper Lemongrass, Date Cinnamon, Coconut Sea Salt, Sports Peanut Butter


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