Hemp Seeds Hulled Organic

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Organic hemp seeds can be used to make vegan milk as an alternative to dairy.

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Our organic hulled hemp seeds are a delicious, nutritious, and versatile food. Originating in Central Asia, hemp cultivation became popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. In the 1500s, it was planted in Chile, and a century later, in North America. Considered one of the most nutritious plants in the world, hemp can be cultivated to make a wide variety of products. These products include superfoods, fabrics, natural remedies, and more.

The edible seeds of the hemp plant can be shelled or unshelled. Shelled hemp seeds, often referred to as hemp hearts, are a health food that can be consumed raw. They contain all of the essential amino acids, and are an ideal source of protein for vegans and raw foodies. They also have a rich nutritional profile and provide a range of great health benefits. Hemp seeds abound not only in protein, but in fibre, and fatty acids. They include omega-3s and omega-6s, and have antioxidant properties. They may also contribute to a healthy heart, skin, and joints.

Hemp seeds are best used in raw recipes, or cooked at low temperatures. Cooking at low temperature will preserve its rich omega oils. Our organic hulled hemp seeds are a great addition to cereals, porridges, and superfood ‘wake-up’ bowls. Alternatively, hemp seeds can be used in nutty or creamy salad dressings. Hemp seed milk is also a great alternative to dairy. Replace any dairy milk with hemp seed milk, for example in smoothies or baked good recipes.


How to use.
Hemp seeds can be eaten raw, ground to make hemp meal, sprouted, or dried to make sprout powder. Similar to chia seeds, they can be added to smoothies, cereals, salads, and yogurt, as they are. They can also be incorporated into baked good recipes, such as muffins or cakes.
Production Process.
Hemp seeds are harvested with a combine tractor, dried, and cleaned to remove stocks, leaves, and immature seeds. They are then passed through a hulling machine which removes a layer of shell skin protecting the seed. At the end of the process, only the insides of the seeds remain. They are cleaned, and kept cool in grain bins until they shipped.
Shelf Life
Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds. No preservatives, no GMOs. Paleo.
Country of Origin
Nutritional information

    • Energy 2562 Kj
    • Calories 610 Kcal
    • Fat 52 g
      • Fat of which saturated 4 g
    • Carbohydrates  1 g
      • From Which Sugars 1 g
    • Fibre 2 g
    • Protein 32 g
    • Salt

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Little Plant Pantry

Little Plant Pantry is the first plant-based bulk store in Amsterdam with a zero-waste mission. At our speciality health food store, we have a true focus on sustainability. You’ll notice that our shop only provides only healthy, natural and organic products with no artificial ingredients.

All our organic bulk food ingredients are sold packaging-free and plastic-free. Together with our community and suppliers, we have introduced a zero-waste approach to grocery shopping, We reduce packaging waste in the supply chain and taking responsibility for our customers’ organic food waste. Our current mission is to eliminate single-use packaging and promote a plant-based diet. Our store uses a return and refill model, where you can bring your own jars and containers.

We are also happy to say we are a vegan shop: no animal products or by-products. Because of this, our products are cruelty-free and have never been, and will never be, tested on animals.

At Little Plant Pantry, we apply the same moral rigour to the careful selection of our suppliers by focusing on the quality of their products and ingredients. We always strive to source fair-trade and certified organic products when possible. This careful selection is rewarding; we are proud to provide an outlet to the best local artisan food producers who share our passion and values.

Whether you’re a home cook following a recipe or looking for ready-made foods to pick up from our Amsterdam store, we hope you’ll join us on our journey. At Little Plant Pantry, we want to work together to ensure that your delicious meal is healthy and sustainable, for both you and the planet.


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