Cane Sugar White Organic

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Organic Cane White Sugar a refined white sugar-containing about 99%, sucrose with virtually no molasses. Obtained from crude raw sugar, it is probably the most commonly used sugar.

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Organic Cane White Sugar is a refined white sugar.  All sugars are refined, but there’s a degree to that. Sugars can be grouped into three main categories: one is “refined sugars” with nearly no molasses such as white and brown sugars which are refined through many cycles; second, “raw sugar” which has about 2% to 3% molasses, even though it’s called “raw”, it doesn’t mean unrefined, rather, it means a single-crystallization sugar; third, “unrefined sugar” containing molasses ranging from 8 to 14%, such as muscovado sugar, it’s refined through techniques that preserve the original state and molasses.

The main component in any refined sugar is sucrose which constitutes about 91 to 99.96%. White sugar commonly has 99.95% sucrose, with virtually no molasses. Generally, refined sugars are not produced directly from cane juice. Instead, they are obtained from crude raw sugar, which is not the same as raw sugar. Both, raw and crude raw sugars, come from sugar mills, where cane juice is extracted. However, the crude version of sugar has high levels of impurities and is often sold only to refineries. Usually, a refinery is situated close to a waterway in order to receive raw sugar transported by ships from sugar mills throughout the world, whereas sugar mills are located close to cane plantations.

How to Use
Use in baking, coffee, and etc.

Production Process
Organic White Cane Sugar is made from 100% certified organic sugar cane. It is a “first crystallization” sugar, which means the cane is harvested, the juice is extracted and filtered, then crystallized.

Store in a cool, dry place, and keep out of direct sunlight.

Shelf Life
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No known allergens present

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Nutritional Information

    • Energy 1700 KJ
    • Calories 400 Kcal
    • Carbohydrates > 99 g
      • Of which Sugars >99 g
    • Salt 0.01 g

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