Organic Matcha Culinary

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Our Organic Matcha Culinary is originally from Japan, where the green tea leaves are shaded a few weeks before harvest, dried and stone-ground to an extremely fine powder. It has a delicate umami taste, soft and with some notes of deep sweetness.

Matcha tea is different from all green teas, and not only because of its cultivation in the shade that transforms its flavour, colour and its concentration of nutrients, but also because it is one of the few teas that the leaves are not thrown away after infusing them. In fact, the pulverised leaves are the tea itself, so when we drink it we ingest the whole leaves and all the benefits they can bring us.

But which are the benefits of consuming organic matcha tea? The most popular benefit of matcha is its antioxidant power. It comes with an antioxidant arsenal ready to fight free radicals that circulate through our body and age it. One cup of matcha can be equivalent, at an antioxidant level, to up to 10 cups of another type of green tea.

Another benefit of the organic matcha is its ability to keep the body and mind alert but relaxed, thanks to the joint work of caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine, producing a slow release effect of energy in our body. L-theanine promotes alpha brain waves in our brain, allowing us to increase focus while relaxing our nervous system without giving up the energy of caffeine.


❌  Due to the high level of caffeine contained, it is not recommendable during pregnancy, people with cardiac issues or high blood pressure.


How to Use

Matcha is usually drunk as a tea, but it is also added to juices, dishes and even pastries.
In case of you want to prepare a matcha latte:

🍵 Dissolve 1 teaspoon of powder in a little warm water
🍵 Heat 200 ml (plant-based) milk or froth the milk
🍵 Add de milk to the dissolved powder
🍵 A sweetener can be added as needed


Keep dry.

Shelf Life
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Organic leaves from Japanese Camellia Sinensis

No known allergens present

Country of Origin

Nutritional Information
per 100g

    • Energy 324 kcal
    • Calories 1356kj
    • Fat 5.3g
      • Of which Saturated <0.68g
    • Carbohydrates 39.5g
      • Of which Sugars 0g
    • Fibre 38.5g
    • Protein 22.6g
    • Salt <0.1g

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