Soy Chunks Coarse Organic

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Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or simply looking to reduce your meat consumption, soy chunks coarse organic offer a sustainable and wholesome solution for adding plant-based protein to your meals. Make the ethical and healthy choice by including them in your culinary adventures.

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Soy Chunks Coarse Organic is a plant-based protein option made from non-GMO, organic soybeans. These coarse-textured soy chunks are ideal for adding meaty texture to your vegetarian and vegan dishes. Discover versatile cooking options and recipes for this sustainable, healthy, and eco-friendly protein source.

Discover how to use the soy chunks coarse for healthy plant-based meals. Follow these steps to make the most of these sustainably sourced, non-GMO soy chunks:

  1. Rehydrate: begin by soaking the soy chunks in hot water or vegetable broth for 15-20 minutes until they plump up.
  2. Season to taste: add your preferred seasonings, spices, or marinades to infuse flavour into the soy chunks.
  3. Incorporate into recipes: use them in stir-fries, curries, soups, stews, pasta dishes, vegan burgers, and more. Their neutral taste makes them the perfect canvas for your culinary creativity.
  4. Cook thoroughly: cook until the soy chunks are tender and have absorbed the flavours of your dish.
  5. Enjoy: serve your delicious, protein-packed soy-based meal and savour the natural goodness of organic soy.

Soy chunks are a healthy and sustainable alternative for those seeking plant-based protein. Explore exciting recipes and enjoy the benefits of coarse organic soy chunks in your diet!

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Production Process
In an extruder, under the combined action of pressure and temperature (160°C), soybean press cake protein mixed with water and steam stick together because of their elasticity. At the exit, through a round die, the material is expelled at high speed, constituting particles of variable length.

Keep dry.

Shelf Life
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100% organic soy beans


Country of Origin

Nutritional Information
100 g.

    • Energy 1518 Kj
    • Calories 362 Kcal
    • Fat 4.6 g
      • Of which Saturated 1.3 g
    • Carbohydrates 13.8 g
      • Of which Sugars 8.9 g
    • Protein 52 g
    • Salt 0.03 g

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1 kg, 500 grams


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