Vegan Food Wraps Set

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This vegan food wraps set was created because of your requests for a vegan alternative to our beeswax wraps. They are ideal for keeping half of fruits and vegetables fresh in and out of the refrigerator. You can also use the wraps for wrapping sandwiches, covering dishes and bowls. They let food breathe and preserve it better than plastic.

  • Natural cream colour
  • It includes 3 assorted sizes: 1 small 18 x 20 cm, 1 medium 26 x 28 cm, and 1 large 33 x 36 cm
  • 100% Biodegradable product and packaging
  • Made in France with local ingredients

How to Use
Simply fold the vegan wrap around food items as you would do with cling film or over storage containers (such as bowls). With the warmth of your hands, the wrap will stick to itself, creating a breathable yet protective cover.

When you're done, rinse the wraps always in COLD water with a small amount of mild soap and let it air dry. After the wraps are dry, they are ready to be used again.

Production Process
The vegan food wraps set is made with 100% organic cotton, rapeseed wax, sustainably sourced pine resin, and organic sunflower oil which are biodegradable and cruelty-free ingredients. They contain no soy or palm-oil free, so you can be sure this product is not only good for you but also our planet.

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