Ceramic Soap Dish (handmade)

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This handmade soap holder is made from earthenware and glazed baked in the oven in this gorgeous deep blue/sea green. This way, it gets that pretty shine on, and the decoration stays beautiful. You can use it in the shower, bathtub, sink, kitchen, or to keep your jewellery or other small items around your house.

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You want to go zero waste in your bathroom ? Using soap will save a lot of packaging and with this beautiful ceramic soap dish it’ll make your bathroom even a bit more sustainable.

What Beewise says about this product:

“Derived directly from the Earth, ceramic is one of the most natural materials that can be used for kitchen and bathroom items. Earthenware and porcelain are all sourced from the Earth, and when their use is over, they return to the Earth. The material is beautiful, practical, and can take a wide variety of shapes and forms. Also, a tree is planted for each product you buy!

We can often find bamboo, wood, or plastic soap dish. However, most bamboo items are from Asia, wood is not really made to be in contact with water (so it needs constant manutention), and raw plastic is durable but not sustainable in its whole lifecycle. So, we searched for something made locally, durable, and sustainable in the entire lifecycle, and we found the ceramic material.

You can enjoy this beauty in different places of your house!

The curve shape and the little holes on the Monstera soap dish will keep your bar always dry. As it is handmade, each piece is unique, with its own style and shape. Its size is about 11 centimetres.

    • Notched holes drain water
    • Fits many soap shapes
    • Made from earthenware”

How to Use
Use for storing soap, jewellery, or small items around the house.

Country of Origin
Handmade in France

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