Bamboo cotton buds

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Make a positive impact on the environment with our bamboo cotton buds and you help the world to reduce the use of plastic that destroys our planet.

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable product and packaging
  • No dyes, chemicals or plastics
  • User-friendly sliding box design that provides easy access to the buttons
  • 200 units in each box

Why bamboo? Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and naturally grows back after harvest without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. It contains natural antibacterial, antifungal and odor resistant properties, so it is hygienic and biodegradable.

How to Use
These bamboo cotton buds contain no dyes, chemicals or plastics. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from cleaning the outer ear to removing makeup, skin care, wiping keyboards, and much more.
Switching to a biodegradable product helps protect nature and wildlife that are harmed by the plastic we produce. The bamboo cotton buds can be disposed of simply by throwing them into your organic waste or compost.

Production Process
These 100% biodegradable cotton buds are made from bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world that is able to absorb carbon dioxide and release 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent stand of hardwood trees.

Country of Origin
The Netherlands


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