DIY Zero Waste Laundry Detergent

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A laundry detergent that is good for you & mama earth ? Here you go ! Try our DIY zero waste laundry detergent – made from two simple ingredients: sustainably sourced natrium bicarbonat & organic soap flakes.

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Are you moving towards a plastic and chemicalfree future ? Then you’ve found the right product to wash your laundry in an ecologically friendly way. Our DIY Zero Waste Laundry Detergent consists of sustainably sourced sodium carbonat and organic soap flakes. An easy recipe that is healthy for people & planet.

Our bottles are upcycled. Additonally, no water is transported and you use the glass bottle over and over again. Refill is available separately.

How to Use
Dilute the washing detergent yourself ! All you need - boiled, warm water.

Fill up the bottle with not anymore boiling but hot water closely to the edge, close, shake & ready ! You will produce 750 ml of liquid detergent - this usually is enough for 10 - 15 environmentally friendly washes.

You can use the bottle over & over again. Refills are available separatly.

For all types of laundry. For extra soft towels - add a splash of vinegar.


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