Glass & Mirror Cleaning Tablet

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Our glass & window cleaning tablet eliminates dirt and annoying fingerprints on your glass and mirror surfaces. Everything of course without harmful chemicals and plastic waste! Stop buying a plastic bottle every time you need a cleaning product for your windows! Keep the empty bottle, refill with 500 ml of tap water, add the glass & mirror cleaning tablet and be ready to clean in a sustainable way.

Suitable for use on:
Glass 🌿 Mirrors 🌿 Window 🌿 Stainless appliances

TheGlass & Mirror cleaning tablet does not contain toxic ingredients as it is inspired by nature and does not rely on any toxic ingredients for effective cleaning. Also, it is low in CO2 emissions; traditional cleaning products are mostly water. Unnecessary water weight produces a lot of avoidable CO2 emissions.

Depending on the type of dirt you want to remove, it matters a lot what pH value your cleaning liquid has. An alkaline value removes fat while an acidic value removes lime.

Window cleaning (PH 5)
Has a neutral pH value that is well suited for windows and mirrors.

The bag contains one tablet 4 grams.

To complement your eco-friendly household cleaning products try the bathroom and multi-purpose cleaning tablets. For a more sustainable life!

How to Use
Fill with 500ml hot tap water. Drop in the eco-friendly cleaning tablet and start your waste-free cleaning! Reuse the bottle and repeat the steps.

Shelf Life
Ask in-store.

Citric acid, sodium carbonate, anionic surfactants (5-15%), perfume and dyes.


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