Loofah Dish Sponge

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Loofah dish sponge is a fantastic eco tool that can clean pans, dishes, and baking racks. It includes anything that needs scrubbing but can’t withstand abrasive steel wool. The surfaces of these utensils will not be damaged, and they will become clean without toxic or residues.

This natural sponge is soft and fluffy after soaking, easy to clean, rich in bubbles, lanyard design thoughtful and practical, convenient to hang with the cotton string.

Size: about 8 cm long.

Brand: Beewise

How to Use
Wet it in to soften a bit. Apply your liquid or solid dish soap to the loofah, scrub your dish, rinse and dry after each use (you can use the cotton string to hang it).

Production Process
This loofah dish sponge is made from the Egyptian loofah plant, also well known as Luffa. They are considered the best in the world, with thick fibres and a hard texture that becomes incredibly soft after wet.


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