Reusable Cotton Pads (12pcs)

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These reusable makeup remover pads are a sustainable alternative to single-use cotton pads and makeup remover wipes. Most single-use pads and wipes are not recyclable and also not compostable – when they are also soaked with a chemical mixture of makeup remover liquid.

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What Beewise says about this product:

“Besides being nor recyclable nor degradable, tons of water are consumed to produce them! In addition to that, unless organic cotton is often grown with pesticides which damage the surrounding environment.

It can take up to 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton. 1kg of cotton is about the amount needed to make a t-shirt or about 15-20 packs of cotton rounds. So imagine the amount of water we waste on a single-use cotton pad. Plus all that water has to come from somewhere which often means huge amounts of environmental degradation, loss in natural habitats for plants, birds, animals, and fish.

Besides the cotton pads themselves end up in landfills, the plastic packaging they come with has to be disposed of as well.

Cotton may be a renewable resource, unlike plastic, but the farming of cotton makes a huge impact on the environment, especially when it’s not organically sourced. Chemicals can pollute rivers and damage local wildlife. The other damage is the huge amount of water used to produce cotton.

Because of that, we invite you to try these reusable cotton pads! You will be using certified organic cotton on your face, meanwhile protecting the environment. You can reuse these super soft pads hundreds of times. Besides, you save a lot of money in the long term.

  • Available in Natural or Black Colour
  • Set with 8 Velvet Cotton Pads (for daily use) + 2 Terry Cotton Pads (for tenacious makeup)
  • 100% Organic Cotton & Double Side
  • Hand Made in Amsterdam (as they are cut by hand, slight variations in size and shape may occur)”

Available in white and black colour.

Plus, a tree is planted after every purchase!

How to Use
Apply any of your favorite skincare products on our reusable cotton pad and gently massage your skin. You can use both sides. Wash it either by hand or in a delicate bag with usual laundry up to 40°C. Avoid fabric softener not to decrease its absorbency (same for your clothing). You could instead use white vinegar. We recommend air drying.

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