Reusable Cotton Swabs

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Say hello to the reusable cotton swabs and forget about the disposable ones!

This reusable product is the alternative to traditional cotton buds/swabs, made of hygienic silicone, being washable, respecting the environment as it is biodegradable. Every year billions of disposable products invade our seas and suffocate the planet.

They come in a practical set for cleaning the ears or perfecting your makeup thanks to the reusable and washable cotton buds. The magnetic bamboo case makes this set even more environmentally friendly thanks to the controlled origin of the wood. The bamboo packaging comes from bamboo from responsibly managed forests. Thanks to this warm case you can take your reusable cotton swabs wherever you want.

At home, in the office, or on the go, this reusable swabs will always be with you. Practical, discreet, and very light. Designed for reusing them thousands of times!

The structure of the swabs has 3 safety spirals that hook the ends to ensure that the tips do not come off with normal use. The tips are made of non-toxic, hygienic, safe, and durable food-grade silicone.

After use, clean with simple soap and water and place back in their bamboo case. Ready to reuse!

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Blue & Green, Pink & White (make-up cotton swab)


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