Reusable Fruit-, Veg & Bread Bag (organic cotton product bag)

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Ditching plastic bags heps to save our planet form harmful plastics. Buying your fruit, veg or bread in one of these reusable bags will take a step towards this goal. It is not only easy to clean but is lightweight and protects your food better than any single-use plastic bag. Your food will not ‘sweat’ as it would in  a plastic bag, so it will stay fresh longer, whether in the fridge or on the counter.

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What Beewise says about this product:

‘Are you one of those people who feel annoyed to keep using plastic bags when buying products such as fruits, vegetables, bread rolls? Then these reusable Produce Bags are just what you need!

These mesh bags have natural colour, provide easy air circulation, have a neat cotton pull string to prevent products from falling out, and making it perfect for short-term food storage.

The whole product is manufactured with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and is free of toxins, dyes, bleach, and chemical agents. They are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. It is a completely plastic-free product.

By using this reusable product, you are helping to protect our precious planet and to minimize environmental damage and plastic pollution in our oceans, waterways, and ecosystems.

  • Set of 8 bags in 3 sizes: 2 Large (30 x 40 cm), 3 Medium (25 x 30 cm), 2 Small (20 x 25 cm) Mesh Bags + 1 Medium (25 x 30 cm) Fabric Bag perfect for bread and dry goods
  • Each bag has a label indicating the tare weight in grams
  • Easy to clean: wash in cold water and when dry, use again
  • Lightweight and elegant – don’t forget to put them in your bag!’

How to Use
You can use this tote bag for anything, fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese or things around the house you would like to keep in one place.
Pop your things inside and pull the string to close the bag.
Washing machine safe.

Country of Origin
Made in India (made from 100% organic unbleached cotton)


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