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Welcome 2023

New year resolutions

January is the first month of the year and it is time to put into practice our New Year's resolutions. Living a more sustainable life, eating healthier and doing more sports are just some of the most common. Many people around the world join Veganuary, a campaign originated in UK that intends to persuade non-vegans to live a vegan life for the entire month. Do you find it difficult to become vegan at once? Try for this month! Our assortment of different beans, grains, flours and spices will give you a good kick off. No idea how to start? Check the first recipe of the year we have prepared for you: spiced pumpkin soup.

What about living a more sustainable life in 2023? We can help you to start by reducing your consumption of plastic. All the products we sell in our store are plastic free. As you might know, you can come with your own container and take as much as you want. We also provide recycled glass containers for free thanks to customers who donate the extra ones they have at home. If you order online you will receive your groceries in compostable paper bags or recycled glass jars/bottles.

During 2023 we will show you all the alternatives to plastic we have for you, like cleaning products, cosmetics, cookware and more. We believe with a little effort it is possible to carry a more sustainable life.


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